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Size guide. For the perfect fit.

At Zilton, we’re after the perfect fit. You can see it and you can feel it... when you sit, walk or even run. There is one condition though: you do have to select the right size.

Three measurements.

A trouser size consists of two numbers in inches, W32 L34, for instance. The first number is determined by measuring your waist and hips. The second number is determined by your inseam. In other words, you need three measurements to know your trouser size.

Three measurements.


Get a tape measure and the chart below. You can find your size based on your waist and your hip size and your inside leg measurement.

1) Waist.

The best way to find out your waist size is to use the tape measure on bare skin while standing up straight. Measure the circumference about the height of your navel, between the lowest rib and the pelvis.

2) Hips.

Use the tape measure round the broadest part of the hips to find the circumference.

3) Inside leg.

You measure the inside leg from the lowest point of the crotch (the highest point of the inner thigh) to the ground. The tape measure needs to be taut for a correct length, so get someone to help you.

Size chart

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Determine your waist size (W)

Waist size in inches
W is for Width

Your waist circumference in cm
Find our measurement instructions above

Your hip circumference in cm
Find our measurement instructions above

W 29"

73 - 75,5 cm

88 - 91 cm

W 30"

76 - 78 cm

91 - 93 cm

W 31"

78 - 81 cm

93 - 96 cm

W 32"

81 - 83 cm

96 - 98 cm

W 33"

83 - 86 cm

98 - 101 cm

W 34"

86 - 88 cm

101 - 103 cm

W 35"

88 - 91,5 cm

103 - 105 cm

W 36"

91,5 - 93 cm

105 - 107 cm

W 37"

93,5 - 96 cm

107 - 110 cm

W 38"

97,7 - 100 cm

110 - 114 cm

W 40"

102 - 105 cm

114  - 118 cm

W 42"

107 - 110 cm

118 - 122 cm

Determine your length (L)

Lenght in inches
L is for Length

Your inseam in cm
Find our measurement instructions above

L 32"

 81 cm

L 34"

82 - 86,5 cm

L 36"

87 - 91,5 cm

L 38"

92 - 96,5 cm

Now you have measured your trouser size, you can look for a Zilton fit that suits you. Slim, regular or comfort? Find out more about the Zilton first in the fit guide or allow one of our trouser specialists in a Zilton store to help you.

More sizes? That means made-to-measure.

At Zilton, we offer almost 40 sizes for every model, even up to the exceptional length of 38. Whatever your build, you can always find Zilton trousers that look great on you and in which you can move freely.

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