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Seven reasons why Ziltons fit better

1. Designed in Belgium

We draw each part of a clothes pattern for each pair of Ziltons ourselves. Our fits are designed by us from scratch. Nothing is outsourced in the design phase and the Zilton team demonstrates its ingenuity and vision. This is how we distinguish ourselves and why our fits can’t be compared with anything else that is popular. Use our fit guide to be sure of perfection, the secret behind who we are.

2. Complexity is not a problem

We never do it the easy way. In fact, we embrace the complex techniques of ready-to-wear that most manufacturers wouldn’t dare. Some of our designs don’t have a standard horizontal waistband, for instance, but an elliptical line, where all parts of the pattern, waistband and inner belt are cut at an angle. More material is needed, it costs more time and demands more expertise, but we still do it at Zilton, so that you can experience what real comfort is. 

3. We only use materials that are 100% stable

Lots of textiles are subject to shrinkage, so that dying and washing processes often cause trousers to lose their proportions, but at Zilton, we don’t rely on mere guesswork. Each type of material is carefully selected taking its shrinkage into account. This is to ensure that we can always guarantee you 100% size stability, as long as you follow our washing instructions, of course.

4. We swear by elastane

Certain materials, like certain types of wool, have a natural ‘stretch’ that means that they offer a high degree of comfort. For all the other textiles we use, we deliberately weave them with elastane. Elastane is an elastic thread that plays a key role in clothing comfort. When it is worn, it adapts itself to the body under the influence of body temperature. It ensures that Ziltons fit you like a glove.

5. Every new pair of Ziltons is tested extensively

Yes, there is a slight chance that you might see someone out and about wearing a previously unreleased pair of Ziltons. New designs are extensively worn by our permanent testers and judged on a number of criteria (to be fine-tuned where necessary). They are then returned, at our request, unwashed. This is so that we can measure ‘recovery’ after washing. That is the degree to which the material recovers its original shape after it has been stretched by wearing. This is so we can be sure that your Ziltons fit just like new after each wash.

6. We set the bar high for each other

Each pair of Ziltons is the result of an intense collaboration where each link in the chain, from styling to production, is just as important as the other. Our designer expects the exact implementation of his design, just as our experienced manufacturers expect an extremely detailed pattern that is precise down to the millimetre. Fabric choice, pattern, dyeing, cut: each step has a direct effect on the other in the complex development of our trousers. It is how we and our partners set the bar high for each other.

7. We don’t rush anything

‘Mass production’ is not in our vocabulary. Each type of material demands a different approach and responds differently to certain processes. Standardisation is always at the cost of precisely those aspects that we consider most important in a pair of men’s trousers. So, we take our time and also give the time to everyone else involved in the production process to do their work well. And if certain materials have to ‘rest’ before they are cut, then we give them that time as well. You can’t rush quality.

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