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Zilton. Fascinatingly good-looking trousers.

For years, the name Zilton has been uttered in the same breath as comfort, perfect fit, unequalled freedom of movement and quality. Only those who have tried a pair of Ziltons on know what we’re talking about. But to get you to actually try on a pair, we also make sure that our trousers are fascinatingly good looking. In fact, we’re almost manic when it comes to detail. Because a feel for detail is in our DNA. ​​​​​​​

The devil is in the detail

At Zilton, we’re continually sounding out what self-assured, energetic men are looking for. We predict trends and distil from these the refined trouser lines, which reflect - sometimes subtly, sometimes overtly - what is going on in men’s minds worldwide. Each Zilton fit has a unique set of details and workmanship incorporated into it, which smoothly and intuitively match your style without fuss, because a good fit is never a problem at Zilton.


Accents with identity.

Every detail is applied at Zilton with care, because we are convinced that each separate detail really makes a difference. A reinforced double belt loop is a nod towards the logo. Contrasting lining that separates the men from the boys. A handmade finishing touch on the waist. Patented Z stitching on the back pocket. A back button that ensures that your trousers - let’s be honest now - fits much more comfortably. We could go on, but one thing is sure: they are not insignificant details. They are unmistakable accents which, each in their own way, shape the identity of each fit.


Meticulous precision work.

Because we can.

Our designers are completely Belgian, but still don’t like compromise. They are unique craftsmen who are fanatically striving for perfection. From the choice of material and the first pattern sketches to adding detail by hand. Everything is precisely devised, elaborated and refined in-house to the millimetre, because we can and because that’s how it ought to be.



Zilton is more than a brand, it is a statement. A tribute to dedication and authentic craftsmanship. A definite choice for a contemporary masculine identity, a self-controlled combination of comfort, style and emotion. Zilton is fascination for perfection.


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