Conditions of warranty

  • Zilton Ltd applies the official conditions of warranty as stated by its suppliers. 
  • Dealing with warranty will always be the responsiblity of Zilton bvba , except for the shipping costs the consumer has made to return the product.


  • The customer is obliged to control the goods thoroughly immediately after receiving them. He has to control whether the goods are conform to the agreement:
    • Have the correct goods been delivered?
    • Do the delivered goods comply with the agreed quality specifications, or –if no specifications were made – to the standards that can be expected for normal use of the goods?
  • When a clear, manifest fault is found it must be reported to Zilton ltd within 7 working days after delivery.
  • A hidden fault must be reported within 2 working days after discovering it, in writing by e-mail. This must happen at the latest 2 months after delivery of the products.
  • The costs for returning the goods that do not comply with the description of the offer will be borne by Zilton Ltd .