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From drawing board to atelier

From designer to pattern maker, seamstress to packer: everyone at Zilton is passionate about refinement and a high degree of detail. Every step in our manufacturing process is characterised by craftsmanship to the tiniest detail. At Zilton, every seam, cut and crease is just right. We wouldn’t do anything less.

Designed in Belgium

Zilton is a Belgian brand and every pair of trousers in every collection is designed in Belgium by our designer Jurgen Van Cauwenbergh. Our designer and his team are master tailors and combine a timeless style with the contemporary fashion world. Art, music, a masculine lifestyle and the cosmopolitan vibe of cities like Milan, New York and Berlin: our designer distils each model from a dynamic mix of inspiration. The result is a unique trouser collection perfectly matching what the man with character and ambition is looking for: perfection.


The perfection of craftsmanship

Each pair of Zilton trousers begins with a creative idea and a sketch. The look, the fit and the details are set down, but then the real laboratory work begins. Each pattern is drawn bit by bit in meticulous detail. For example, our five-pocket denims are made up of no less than 20 pattern sections; a pair of Steam chinos, 32. Each part of a pair of trousers and each design are fitted to diverse men and minutely refined to ensure that at Zilton, every man can find a fit that fits like a glove. It’s in our DNA.

Refined Italian textiles

Design isn’t everything, however, and our choice of material also contributes to what makes Zilton so different. Italy is the measure of things when it comes to refined textiles, which is why we work with a permanent network of Italian partners who supply us with the state-of-the-art materials we need.

We want high-quality, ultra-soft fabrics from Italy for our jeans, for example. Our Milanese suppliers match highly technological blends with elegant prints and an exceptional ‘hand feel’. This translates into comfort and the worldly look that typifies Zilton.


The magic of dyeing

Dyeing our trousers is an art in itself for which we rely on our dyeing partner. Their colouring techniques lend our trousers a unique appeal and contribute to the suppleness of the materials. Complex washes, such as a vintage chino finish, are achieved perfectly, just as our designer imagined, and entirely in accordance with our strict requirements in respect of sustainability. Our partner is the master of the magic of dyeing we need at Zilton.

Crafted in Tunisia

Zilton trousers are produced just as meticulously as our patterns are drawn. Our manufacturing partner takes care of this in Tunisia, where each piece is made by experienced seamstresses exactly as prescribed by the pattern, to the millimetre. Specific treatments, like ‘scraping’, are carried out here manually, so that each pair of Ziltons has its own character and is always unique.

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