The dna of zilton


Zilton is an authentic Belgian menswear label originated from 120 years tradition of manufacturing headwear and caps. In a more recent history, we specialized in  the development of men’s trousers. Since 15 years now, the range evolved to a complete total look.

Zilton concentrates on  the active man who knows what happens around him by profession and interests.He loves the city and its multiple cultures and therefore loves to look like a man of the world. Art, design and music lighten up his spirit and that results  in the way he dresses up. His clothes not only have to be functional but tell us how this man stands in life, and merely are a manner of showing and getting respect. Zilton is the way to get noticed, to make contacts and to move on in life!

This is the DNA of Zilton! Clothes as an expression of a man with a strong character and identity. A man who appreciates originality and quality. A man who feels good and likes to express that feeling.

Zilton likes to please with rich materials and comfortable fits. Smart fitting trousers, jackets, shirts and knitwear in warm colors and styled with stunning details. Whatever the occasion might be, you’ll find a suitable silhouette at the right price in our range. After all, Zilton tries to offer you beautiful products at a fair price.

In an ever changing  world, the  modern man longs for authenticity and reassures himself by choosing  Zilton!

We hope you enjoy your Zilton products !