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A Zilton man
is always on the move
The Zilton man is always on the move. This mobility inspired our new summer collection. Our designers respond to this with innovative fabric compositions that easily restore their shape and that you hardly need to iron. Ideal for those who are constantly on the move.
is an attitude
Boxer shorts
Zilton, Belgian brand
Zilton concentrates on the active man who knows what happens around him by profession and interests. He loves the city and its multiple cultures and therefore loves to look like a man of the world. Art, design and music lighten up his spirit and that results in the way he dresses up. Zilton is the way to get noticed, to make contacts and to move on in life.
sustainable trousers
We love stitches almost as much as we love our planet. We respect our environment by working with eco-friendly suppliers to develop this exclusive product for you.
Enjoy life while wearing the best comfort.